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Trek Financial (Trek) utilizes the TD Ameritrade Client Services Group to provide our clients with a full range of investment services. Clients who want to view their Trek accounts and clients that want to have a separate brokerage account and do their own investment trading, can now access their accounts using the TD Ameritrade web site. With the TD Ameritrade website/app you will be able to:

* You must be listed as the account owner to enroll in electronic delivery. You may also be eligible for lower electronic equity trade commissions if you enroll in electronic delivery.

WATCH: Getting Started

Watch this video on how to get started with and TD Ameritrade online.

Opening an Account Electronically

  1. Receive prefilled electronic versions of the account opening forms via a secure website.
  2. Electronically complete any missing information on the forms.
  3. Electronically sign the forms, which populates the account opening platform and automatically sends the electronic forms to TD Ameritrade Institutional to officially open the account.

Duration: Generally less than 24 hours

Paper-Based Account Opening

  1. Obtain paper-based account opening forms from your advisor either via mail or by setting up an in-person meeting with your advisor.
  2. Complete the required information on the forms.
  3. Return forms to your advisor either via mail or by setting up an in-person meeting with your advisor.
  4. Advisor manually types the information into the account opening platform.
  5. Advisor mails forms to TD Ameritrade to officially open the account.

Duration: Multiple days/weeks

Transferring Assets to TD Ameritrade


Your advisor will ask you questions that help ensure that all of the assets will be transferred properly.


Your advisor will then ask for a statement from your current custodian, dated within the past 90 days. Your advisor will make sure that all of your assets are able to be transferred to TD Ameritrade and confirm important account information.


Your advisor will also ask you to complete a Transfer of Account form (or other transfer paperwork provided by your current custodian). Your advisor will submit the form to TD Ameritrade for processing once it’s completed, signed, and dated.


The paperwork will be reviewed by TD Ameritrade and your transfer will take place. If there are any issues, TD Ameritrade will work with your advisor to resolve them. For more details on this process, review the FAQ.

Instructions for Access to

Mobile Access Information

Access your accounts anytime,

 anywhere on your Apple® and Android™ devices with the AdvisorClient® Mobile app.

AdvisorClient Dashboard Overview


Use the See your advisor’s contact information: email, phone and website


When you login, see your total value of accounts front and center


Click into an account to see a breakdown of the account’s balances, upcoming cash activity, value history, individual positions, and transaction history


Once your request to link an account is submitted here, you will receive a confirmation when the account has been approved within 2 business days


The values in this chart include all of your accounts


For clients 70 1/2 or older, you will easily be able to see how much money you have left to withdraw for the year


Take advantage of a convenient Market Snapshot


Track your contributions for both the current and previous years


View the positions in each of your accounts and create custom watch lists


Convenient summary chart to show you an overview of your assets by type.

Watch the New User Set Up Process:

Go Paperless!

Going paperless is easy. To start receiving electronic account statements and trade confirmations securely online, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to
  2. Click My Profile
  3. Locate the Communication preferences section
  4. Click the “Update preferences individually” and then select “Electronic” for each account and document type you would like to receive eCommunications.
  5. Click on “Update Preferences” to save your changes

Benefits of going paperless:

  • More Secure than mailing statements
  • Better for the environment
  • Faster delivery of account information
  • Less clutter in your home
  • Locate documents online quickly and easily
  • You may also be eligible for lower electronic equity trade commissions if you enroll in electronic delivery.

Where can I find my account statements and trade confirmations?

When you login to your account you will see a tab labeled “Documents.” Click on this tab to find options to access:

  • Monthly statement by investment account
  • Trade confirmations by investment account
  • Tax documents by investment account

TD TAX FAQ: Tax Questions and 1099 Tax Form

Will I get a 5498-IRA From, and when will it be available?

The 5498 form reports IRA contributions (including catch-up contributions) and the fair market value of an IRA. If you made an IRA contribution, 60-day rollover, or direct rollover for the reporting year, you’ll get a 5498 form.*


We typically provide this form at the end of May. Eligible retirement account owners typically have until April 15 to make a prior-year contribution to their account. We will send the 5498 forms after that date to ensure all prior year contributions are included.


*Contributions to a qualified retirement plan (QRP) are reported on your W-2. The IRS and your tax professional can provide more information on reporting IRA contributions.

Where can I find my consolidated 1099 tax form and other tax documents online?

You can find the most recent versions of your consolidated 1099 and other tax documents in your Documents within your AdvisorClient portal. 


You can also quickly view the TD 1099 Information Guide HERE.


I received a corrected consolidated 1099 tax form after I had already filed my taxes. What should I do?

The IRS generally requires that you file an amended return on Form 1040X. You may also wish to seek the advice of a licensed tax advisor.


TD Ameritrade must issue a corrected 1099 when mutual funds and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) reallocate or reclassify their distributions in January for the previous tax year. Occasionally this process isn’t complete, or TD Ameritrade has not yet received the updated information, by the time 1099s are due to be mailed.


IRS regulations require that we issue a corrected 1099 within 30 days of receiving information showing that the previously issued form was incorrect.