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We are here to help you through the paperwork process. If at any point you need assistance please feel free to email our Service Center or contact your advisor directly.

Trek Client Portal

The Client Portal is the website which allows you access to all of your investment accounts that are with Trek Financial. Within this website, you are able to view asset allocation, investment holdings, transactions and account performance.


Trek Financial (Trek) utilizes Schwab Client Services Group to provide our clients with a full range of investment services. Clients who want to view their Schwab accounts and clients that want to have a separate brokerage account and do their own investment trading, can now access their accounts using the Schwab Client web site.

Trek Digital Investment Platform

The Trek Digital Investment Platform allows clients to utilize a digital platform to manage their investments. This platform provides clients with the opportunity to invest into globally diversified portfolios of index-tracked exchange traded funds (ETFs). 

Digital Signatures

We have partnered with Docusign, an industry leader in digital signatures, to allow for our clients an easier way to sign and receive their completed paperwork. You can still fax, scan and send or sign your documents in person, however the online eSignature tool will allow for all parties to receive digital versions of your paperwork without any extra work on your side. Now no matter where you are you can review and sign your documents on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Secure Email

Trek has partnered with ZixCorp, the industry leader in enterprise email encryption. Over 56 Million encryption users share their encryption keys for transparent secure email with this technology. Anytime we email you and sensitive data is included, our system will encrypt this message to you and notify you there is a message for you to retrieve in our secure email portal.