Secure Email

Trek Email Portal

Trek has partnered with ZixCorp, the industry leader in enterprise email encryption. Over 56 Million encryption users share their encryption keys for transparent secure email with this technology.

Anytime we email you and sensitive data is included our system will encrypt this message to you and notify you there is a message for you to retrieve in our secure email portal. You will need to create a password on your first login, your username will be the email address we sent the email to. Please look at the instructions below to walk you through the process of logging in and retrieving messages. It is best for you to always respond back to our secure messages through the email portal so anything you send back to us is securely encrypted as well.

Register Your Account

The first time you receive a secure email, you are asked to register at the Secure Message Center. Registration is a one-time, quick and easy process. You receive an email message in your email Inbox notifying you that you have a message in the Secure Message Center. You must then register with the same email address that received the notification to access your secure messages.


You may also register by going directly to the Secure Message Center Sign In screen and selecting the Register button.

To register:

  1. Select the Open Message button. NOTE: If your email program does not support active links, copy and paste the link provided in the message into your browser.
  2. On the Registration screen, you can complete one of the two following actions:
    1. Enter a Password that complies with the password rules shown.
    2. Select a different email address to register and sign in with.
  3. Select Register.
  4. Once you have completed the registration, you must activate your password. To activate your password:
    1. Go to your email inbox and find the new email message with “Secure Email Notification” in the Subject.
    2. Open the email, which contains a link to a website where you will activate your password.
    3. To activate, select the ACTIVATE link. NOTE that if your email program does not support active links, copy and paste the link into the address field of your internet browser and select Enter.
    4. Select Continue.

NOTE: If you want to view the Secure Message Center in another language, select the language you want from the Language drop down box. For more information on using the Language feature, see Specify Your Language.


You may be asked for security questions. If not, the Secure Message Center opens and displays your email message. You now have access to the Trek Email Portal.

Sample Sign-In to Zix Message Center

Here is a sample e-mail message indicating that you have a secure e-mail from us in the ZixMessage Center. To view the secure message, click Open Message.

OR you might see this:

Depending on whether you have received a ZixCorp secure message before, you will see one of the following screens:

  • If you see the following screen (populated with your e-mail address), you have not received a secure e-mail through ZixCorp before and need to register to retrieve secure e-mails.

  • If you see the following screen you have previously registered your e-mail address. If you don’t know your password, select the Reset option. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you with instructions on how to activate a new password.

Once you are logged into the ZixMessage Center, the functionality is similar to most e-mail programs. You can print e-mail and view and download attachments to your local computer or network.

*When you click on an attachment, you will have the option to open or save the attachment. If an attachment is opened first, the contents can be reviewed and the file can be saved from the native application (i.e. Excel, Word, etc.).


To end your session select Sign Out (on the right side of the page next to your email address) to end your ZixMessage session.

Reply Securely to Trek

To access the ZixMessage Center, click on the link to the original message or go to the following web page: Anything you reply back to us with will be securely sent to us the same way we securely sent you information.

  1. Login
  2. You will then be at your inbox:

3. Reply to the message and attach any necessary files before hitting “send.”

Select Sign Out (on the right side of the page next to your email address) to end your ZixMessage session.